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  • We have a simple aim of increasing the number of trees in our local area.

  • We are a non-profit community group reliant on public donations, fundraising and grants.

  • We think trees are ace. We want more trees. How about you?

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We 💚 Barrow Castle!

Wow what a day we had at Barrow Castle yesterday! Despite a terrible forecast and very heavy rain towards the end, around 60 volunteers turned up. They planted 650 native hedgerow whips, creating 167m of new hedgerow.

These, added to the hundreds of trees we and others planted there before, are joining two pieces of woodland to create a vital wildlife corridor.

We were a bit worried about this task, as it's a challenging site being on a steep slope, with long grass and very stony ground. However, it really is true - Many Hands Make Light Work 💪😌🌳🌳🌳🐶🌳🌳🌳🌳🌳🌳🌳🐸🌳🌳🌳

We would like to take the opportunity to thanks Andrew, Peter and all at Barrow Castle for commissioning and supporting us to plant this hedgerow, as well as all the volunteers who worked so tirelessly on the day. We'll be back when the weather hots up, to top up the mulch so these saplings have a chance to outcompete the grass etc.

If you know a landowner who might be interested in trees being planted and looked after by a team of expert-led volunteers, send them in our direction.

We have a Winner! Well actually, Two ...

You may remember during December, we were asking people to vote for the BANES ward where people would like to see us giveaway trees to local residents. We were blown away with the response - check out the conversations on Facebook and Twitter!

There were clearly some activists spreading the word in Walcot and Moorlands, as they attracted more votes than everyone else put together - see image for full results.

It was so close! We loved the enthusiasm from both areas of Bath, and we've been successful with fundraising this year, so we've decided to do both wards :-)

We now need residents from Walcot and Moorlands to come forward and request a free tree. Our focus is on fruit trees that are readily available from nurseries, although we are happy to supply any other type of native tree, depending on costs. Please check out the trees available here, and let us know what you'd like before the 15th January: We are funding up to £20 per household, so that will usually get you a bare-rooted maiden fruit tree (approx. 1-2 metres tall).

Please drop us an email at before 15th January to order your free tree.

Watch this space for news on Newbridge - Nash & Co Estate Agents are funding a similar tree giveaway there, so we'll also be catering for the ward in 3rd place :-)

Everyone else - you'll just need to up your game next year! This is an annual contest, and our hope is we can spread the love right across BANES eventually!

Help us Establish a Native Hedgerow

We have been commissioned to plant a new hedgerow in a field near Rush Hill and need your help! It's a beautiful spot on the south edge fo bath, with amazing views, including the ancient Wansdyke.

We need physically able people to help us clear grass, plant trees and spread woodchip around. It's rough sloping ground, so sturdy boots recommended.

Less physically able people could support by serving refreshments etc!

More details here:

Time to Vote!

Now I know we're all sick of voting, but this is an election you'll want to be part of. You may have gathered that one of the things we do is give away fruit trees. This is such a nice idea, as it gets trees in the ground, whilst giving people food right where they live. Food metres, not food miles!

Every year we like to pick at least one ward in BANES and get people from that area to register in advance for a free tree. And every year we like to put it to the vote, to ensure we're picking a ward where this is lots of demand for a free tree. Eventually, we would like to have done a giveaway in every BANES ward, so we are only accepting votes for wards where we haven't already done a giveaway (so that excludes Lansdown, Odd Down, Oldfield, Westmoreland and Weston!).

If you would like to vote for a location, please just name it! The best way to do this is via our Facebook and Twitter pages, otherwise just drop us a line. And spread the word - if you get your friends and neighbours to vote as well, you'll have a much better chance :-)

Voting closes on 31st December and we'll announce the winner in January.

Fruit Tree Giveaway: Radstock & Westfield

We are delighted to announce we are 12% towards our target of £500, which will enable us to give fruit trees away to local residents in Westfield & Radstock.

You can see our appeal page here:

Clearly, we have some way to go, and so are asking for your help. Just £10 would be another 2% towards our target. £50 would be a whopping 10%.

Every penny will be spent on trees and stakes for this project.

Please spread the word - if some of you were able to share this on your favourite social media channel, that would be much appreciated.

Here's a pic of us giving trees away in Odd Down earlier this year :-)

Who wants to learn how to Scythe? Or go for a Wild Swim?

Join us for a Saturday of tree care and learn how to scythe at Warleigh Weir!

11-11.30 Learning the art of scything workshop
11.30 Scything in practice
13.00 Yummy community meal from local produce, cooked over the fire
14.00 Scything and tree care
15.30 Clear up, swim, fire, celebrate!

We will be clearing grasses around the newly planted 'mini forest' to enable the saplings to grow and thrive, and also to encourage wild flowers and greater diversity to the area, as well as maintaining some pathways for the all to enjoy the wonderful Warleigh weir island. We have 10 handmade Austrian Scythes and there will be an introductory session from 11am about how to use these wonderful tools safely and efficiently, as part of sustainable land stewardship and an enjoyable alternative to fossil fuel based approaches. Our resident scything expert Keith will guide us through the use of the Austrian scythe, including its care and maintenance.
This is also an opportunity to finish mulching the trees (desperately needed!) and ensuring they will continue flourishing in this beautiful setting.

There will of course be a yummy lunch cooked over the fire, from locally grown produce. We would welcome anyone to bring any addition to the feast for a community meal in good spirits after our tree guardianship work. And don't forget your swim stuff for a refreshing dip in one of the most beautiful wild swimming spots!

This event falls on the day after the global youth strikes for climate - where millions of school children will be striking from schools to demand climate action. We aim to offer an opportunity for positive action in this time of climate and ecological emergency, looking after our newly planted trees and caring for the land, whilst getting together as a community and having fun! The coincidence with the youth strikes remind us that we plant for our futures as well as for nature. We encourage all ages and families to attend!
20 Jul 2019 at 11:00am
until 20 Jul 2019 at 4:00pm
Warleigh Weir
Bath and north east Somerset

Champion Trees

Someone recently bought me the book 'Champion Trees of Britain & Ireland - The Tree Register Handbook' by Dr Owen Johnson MBE. The online equivalent is here. Part of the book is a guide to visiting Britain & Ireland's finest specimens, listing trees by region and county. There are over 5,000 listed, so I thought it would be fun to see how many I could visit!

I was in Derbyshire the other weekend, and had the opportunity to visit two ancient Yew trees that are now positioned within the grounds of local Parish churches. The interesting thing about Yew trees in churchyards, is that people often assume that the Yew tree was planted when the church was built. Actually, in many cases, the Church was positioned there because the Yew tree was there already. This is because Yew trees were used by Druids as a sacred place to perform rituals, and the incoming Christians wanted to stop all of that. Rather than chopping the trees down, they built the churches there instead. Now, I'm not a historian so I'd love someone more knowledgeable than me to provide a more accurate/detailed explanation!

So we visited two ancient Yews in Brailsford and Shirley parish churches. The very first tree for me to visit from this book ended up being a real adventure, when we met Ray Jones, the church warden and local undertaker. The local funeral business has been in his family for 155 years, and is set to be taken on by his daughter, so will continue to remain in the family for the foreseeable future. Ray told us interesting tales of yesteryear, let my children play on the church organ (which was installed by his father during the First World War!), showed us a viking relic in the graveyard and posed in front of the tree.

What a great start to my 'Champion Tree Journey'. Here's hoping I'll end up having equally interesting experiences as I work my way through the book - watch this space!

Free Fruit Trees for Radstock & Westfield

We would like to do a fruit tree giveaway in Radstock and Westfield in December.

These are always really popular events, and we generally run out of funds before we run of people who would like a free fruit tree.

It's a great way for people to make a connection to nature, plus they can harvest healthy food from their own garden in just a year or so.

We are hoping to raise £1,000 to be able to give away over 50 fruit trees and need your help. We hope to raise half of it through public donations, and half of it through a grant. Every pound helps, so we'd really appreciate you helping us hit our initial goal of £500? Please go to

Please also forward this email to a few friends and family if you think they might be interested in this appeal.

Help us Create a Tree Nursery

Posted on behalf of More Trees BANES and Dry Arch Growers
We are supporting Dry Arch Growers to set up a brand new tree nursery! This is being funded by a small grant from University of Bath, plus individual donations.

This is amazing news, as it means we will be able to grow our own trees, making donations and grants go so much further.

Hamish has made a start on establishing this area, and now needs our help to rotavate the whole enclosure, cover strips with 1m wide biodegradable weed mat and mulch, and start off a load of seeds and saplings particularly for next autumn. Lots of work to do!

As always, many hands make light work, so we would really appreciate your help.

This is just one part of Dry Arch Growers' spring celebration work day. They are hoping to get as many volunteers along to prepare the land for the season, including making a food forest in a geo dome (they have all the vines, shrubs and trees ready) as well as doing this work on the tree nursery.

Please wear boots, old clothes and your own drinks and snacks etc. Supervised children welcome.
24 Mar 2019 at 11:00am
until 24 Mar 2019 at 3:00pm
End of Holcombe Lane
Bath and north east Somerset

Vacancy: Fundraiser

More Trees BANES is a small and relaxed not-for-profit community group. We rely on public donations and occasional grants. We would really value the support from a voluntary fundraiser.

We're open-minded, but the expectation would be for you to help us raise funds through online campaigns, small events, grant applications and public donations etc. As we have virtually zero overheads, any funds raised go directly into tree planting.

The option is there to get involved in other ways, whether that is in planting trees, book-keeping, PR etc. However, it's totally cool if you just want to help us raise money.

We are also advertising for a Treasurer, although the roles could potentially both be performed by the same person.

This is an opportunity for you to contribute to a grass-roots organisation that benefits the global environment through local tree planting events. We have planted over 4,000 trees so far. With your help, we can do so much more.

If you are interested, please send your CV and a covering letter that demonstrates your fundraising experience, and the reasons you are interested in this unpaid position. Please email us on or speak to our Chairman, Adam Gretton on 07739 737274.

Please spread the word!