Help us Create a Tree Nursery

Help us Create a Tree Nursery

Posted on behalf of More Trees BANES and Dry Arch Growers
We are supporting Dry Arch Growers to set up a brand new tree nursery! This is being funded by a small grant from University of Bath, plus individual donations.

This is amazing news, as it means we will be able to grow our own trees, making donations and grants go so much further.

Hamish has made a start on establishing this area, and now needs our help to rotavate the whole enclosure, cover strips with 1m wide biodegradable weed mat and mulch, and start off a load of seeds and saplings particularly for next autumn. Lots of work to do!

As always, many hands make light work, so we would really appreciate your help.

This is just one part of Dry Arch Growers' spring celebration work day. They are hoping to get as many volunteers along to prepare the land for the season, including making a food forest in a geo dome (they have all the vines, shrubs and trees ready) as well as doing this work on the tree nursery.

Please wear boots, old clothes and your own drinks and snacks etc. Supervised children welcome.
24 Mar 2019 at 11:00am
until 24 Mar 2019 at 3:00pm
End of Holcombe Lane
Bath and north east Somerset

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