Who wants to learn how to Scythe? Or go for a Wild Swim?

Who wants to learn how to Scythe? Or go for a Wild Swim?

Join us for a Saturday of tree care and learn how to scythe at Warleigh Weir!

11-11.30 Learning the art of scything workshop
11.30 Scything in practice
13.00 Yummy community meal from local produce, cooked over the fire
14.00 Scything and tree care
15.30 Clear up, swim, fire, celebrate!

We will be clearing grasses around the newly planted 'mini forest' to enable the saplings to grow and thrive, and also to encourage wild flowers and greater diversity to the area, as well as maintaining some pathways for the all to enjoy the wonderful Warleigh weir island. We have 10 handmade Austrian Scythes and there will be an introductory session from 11am about how to use these wonderful tools safely and efficiently, as part of sustainable land stewardship and an enjoyable alternative to fossil fuel based approaches. Our resident scything expert Keith will guide us through the use of the Austrian scythe, including its care and maintenance.
This is also an opportunity to finish mulching the trees (desperately needed!) and ensuring they will continue flourishing in this beautiful setting.

There will of course be a yummy lunch cooked over the fire, from locally grown produce. We would welcome anyone to bring any addition to the feast for a community meal in good spirits after our tree guardianship work. And don't forget your swim stuff for a refreshing dip in one of the most beautiful wild swimming spots!

This event falls on the day after the global youth strikes for climate - where millions of school children will be striking from schools to demand climate action. We aim to offer an opportunity for positive action in this time of climate and ecological emergency, looking after our newly planted trees and caring for the land, whilst getting together as a community and having fun! The coincidence with the youth strikes remind us that we plant for our futures as well as for nature. We encourage all ages and families to attend!
20 Jul 2019 at 11:00am
until 20 Jul 2019 at 4:00pm
Warleigh Weir
Bath and north east Somerset

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