We have a Winner!  Well actually, Two ...

We have a Winner! Well actually, Two ...

You may remember during December, we were asking people to vote for the BANES ward where people would like to see us giveaway trees to local residents. We were blown away with the response - check out the conversations on Facebook and Twitter!

There were clearly some activists spreading the word in Walcot and Moorlands, as they attracted more votes than everyone else put together - see image for full results.

It was so close! We loved the enthusiasm from both areas of Bath, and we've been successful with fundraising this year, so we've decided to do both wards :-)

We now need residents from Walcot and Moorlands to come forward and request a free tree. Our focus is on fruit trees that are readily available from nurseries, although we are happy to supply any other type of native tree, depending on costs. Please check out the trees available here, and let us know what you'd like before the 15th January: https://www.ashridgetrees.co.uk/fruit-trees. We are funding up to £20 per household, so that will usually get you a bare-rooted maiden fruit tree (approx. 1-2 metres tall).

Please drop us an email at moretreesbanes@gmail.com before 15th January to order your free tree.

Watch this space for news on Newbridge - Nash & Co Estate Agents are funding a similar tree giveaway there, so we'll also be catering for the ward in 3rd place :-)

Everyone else - you'll just need to up your game next year! This is an annual contest, and our hope is we can spread the love right across BANES eventually!

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